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A card game about neuroanatomy for 2-3 players

by Zach London, MD

Plexus Tree.png
Klumpke collage green faded.png

You and your colleagues are doctorate students, studying under the distinguished nineteenth century neuroanatomist

Augusta Déjerene-Klumpke.

For months, you've toiled away in her lab, labeling and cataloging carefully dissected muscles and brachial plexus segments. (Boring!)

What she doesn't know is that you are secretly stitching these structures together to build a fully-functional human arm that you can reanimate from the dead to finish your dissertation for you.


Will your misguided scheme end in triumph... or in a biohazard bag?


Game design - Zach London

Graphic design - Abigail Seguin

Game concept and testing - Yibing Zhang, Shawn Peterson, Sharon Kandel, Lauren London

Copyediting - Lauren London

Funded in part by the Jerry Isler Neuromuscular Fund and the James W. Albers Collegiate Professorship of Neurology.

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